RPA Inc. is a group of technical professionals who have provided advice to the mining industry for over 30 years. During this time, RPA has grown into a highly respected organization regarded as the specialty firm of choice for resource and reserve work. Our portfolio of customers includes clients in banking, government, major mining companies, exploration and development firms, law firms, individual investors, and private equity ventures.

New IMVAL Template Released in July 2016
The International Mineral Property Valuation (IMVAL) Standards Template was released in July 2016. Dr. William Roscoe, Chairman Emeritus of RPA, is Chair of the IMVAL Committee, which includes represe...
August 09 2016
Reserves Reporting Update
Deborah McCombe provides an update on CRIRSCO’s Annual General Meeting held in November 2015 in Brazil.Please read the full article: http://www.cim.org/en/Publications-and-Technical-Resources/Publica...
May 12 2016
RPA’s Graham Clow is the Recipient of the Prestigious CIM Vale Awards for 2016
Graham Clow, Chairman, RPA is the recipient of the prestigious CIM Vale Award for his meritorious and lifelong contributions to the mining industry.  The award was presented on May 2, 2016 by Vale’s S...
May 04 2016