Services Offered Through Associated Companies

Infrastructure Design and Construction

RPA and associated companies offer access to a wide range of specialist engineering capability for the mining industry, including the civil and mechanical engineering of project support infrastructure including access roads, bridges, conveyors, air strips, railways, port facilities, power generation and distribution, and dam designs. The company offers specialist expertise and worldwide experience in the following areas:

  • Roads and railways design and construction
  • Administration and industrial building design and construction
  • Water supply and waste effluent treatment
  • Electrical power generation and reticulation
  • Port facilities including storage and ship loading facilities
Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) involves the systematic evaluation of the potential impacts of a proposed development on the environment. RPA and associated companies have experience with EIAs in a wide range of international locations. RPA is recognized as having specialist expertise with Equator Principles and the guidelines published by international funding agencies.


RPA and associated companies have an extensive background in the investigation and design of rock slopes for open pit mines. The company has engineered a number of open pits for the safe and economic extraction of ore and has provided engineering designs for remedial measures to address slope instability.

Services provided by RPA and associated companies for the design, operation, and monitoring of open pit facilities include site investigations, geological/geotechnical mapping and testing, advanced rock mechanics modelling, conceptual design, detailed design, design of ground control systems and ground monitoring systems.

RPA and associated companies provide ground engineering investigation and design of underground excavations.

Construction Management

RPA and associated companies provide multidisciplinary construction management services utilizing highly experienced project managers who plan projects and coordinate specialist engineers, procurement organizations and all site activities to ensure meeting target completion dates, efficient budget control, and construction to required specifications.

Heap Leach Design

RPA and associated companies offer extensive engineering and design capabilities for heap leach operations. The company personnel have been involved in the development of heap leach technology and design from its earliest stages and the company is now recognized as a top industry specialist in this area. The development of effective heap leaching techniques has permitted large, low grade, deposits to be mined economically.

Services provided by RPA and associated companies include site investigation and foundation assessment, pad design and construction specification, construction supervision and engineering, liner installation and quality control services, materials handling systems design and pad closure design.

Waste and Tailings Storage Design

RPA and associated companies offer a comprehensive consultancy service covering all aspects of the management and disposal of surplus materials at mine sites, including overburden, waste rock, tailings, wastewater treatment, hazardous wastes, waste oils, boiler ash and furnace slag, etc.

Environmental Audit, Monitoring and Analysis

The independent appraisal of environmental management systems through an Environmental Audit is widely used to ensure that operations are being conducted in a manner consistent with the policies of owners, operators, and regulators.

RPA and associated companies offer a fully independent environmental auditing service, which is tailored to meet the particular requirements of individual clients. Professional staff are experienced in the design, implementation and interpretation of monitoring programs in areas such as hydrogeology and groundwater quality, surface water hydrology and water quality, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, particulate and gaseous emissions, soil quality, and radiation.

Pollution Control and Environmental Analysis

RPA and associated companies have extensive expertise in pollution control and environmental protection engineering covering all aspects of the aquatic, atmospheric, and terrestrial environments and offers proven capability in the following key areas:

  • Surface water management
  • Mine water management
  • Process effluent management
  • Dust control systems
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Acid rock drainage
  • Heap leach systems

The company is recognized for its capabilities in the fields of groundwater protection and surface water quality, where commissions have been undertaken in a range of climatic conditions.

Water Management

RPA and associated companies' experience in water engineering covers a broad spectrum of activities including all aspects of water conservation and management, including river basin studies, hydrological studies, river engineering, irrigation, water supply and waste-water disposal. Specifically for mining, the company offers hydrological and hydrogeological assessments, aimed at determining the nature, origin, and control of infiltration or providing access to mine water supply.

Mine Closure and Rehabilitation

RPA and associated companies have experience with decommissioning and rehabilitation of abandoned mine sites and tailings disposal facilities. Closure and rehabilitation plans are designed to ensure the long-term stability and environmental performance of abandoned mine sites. RPA and associated companies have the capability to address all aspects of closure and rehabilitation programs covering the individual requirements of proposed, existing, and historic mine sites.